This flute arrive in my shop with several problems the worst of which was the closed G# key cup had separated from its shaft and touch. Other issues were worn out pads, missing needle springs and a tremendous amount of grime, but aside from those issues it appeared to be a very fine instrument.  Oh, it also had and still has no makers name ( I believe from the craftsmanship, key-work and tone hole construction that it is a Meinel NYC flute)  I  silver soldered the G# key cup back in place and proceeded to do a complete overhaul, replacing all the needle springs, corks, and pads.

The flute has become my favorite and speaks with a warm, robust low end and a charming lyrical mid and upper range.  The head joint is cocus and the main and foot joints are grenadilla.  All ribs, posts and keys as well as body rings are sterling silver.  I rescued a vintage case and completely relined it with black synthetic velvet.

By the way that’s me.